27 July 2010


Sometimes Korea is weird. Sometimes, it's just plain effing gorgeous. This is in Hoengseong County (횡성군), Gangwon-do.

26 July 2010

Korean habits

It is my firm belief that Koreans are noisy buggers. It's also been observed by many a foreigner that Koreans love spitting. Why then were these two amazing signs placed in the middle of Ansan Multicultural Street, home to a ton of SE Asian car factory workers?!

25 July 2010

I'm pine thanks, and you?

In Korean, there's no 'f' sound, so 'p' is usually used in it's place. As such, legions of Korean children declare to English teachers that they are pine. Gangneung city is now doing the same.

12 July 2010

Tower Blocks

Many expats in Korea decry the omipresent tower blocks, as a grey blot on the skyline. I myself think they can be quite striking, especially in scale. If it's the colouration you have trouble with, maybe sepia can change your mind.

This was the view from my old apartment in Sanbon, Jan 4th 2010.

7 July 2010

A Kestrel for a Knave

When I was in High School, I read A Kestrel for a Knave (commonly known as Kes). One line stuck with me - "Hands off cocks, on socks!"

Look for Kes on bit torrent and watch, and you'll see where this fine Konglish shirt is coming from.

21 June 2010


When I was young, my mum used to tell me if I didn't clean out my ears, potatoes would grow in them. The air con on the Seoul subway has a similar problem.

This was a tourism ad for some place out in the sticks. I can't rememer where though. Note the lesser-spotted plastic seagull.

19 June 2010


Take a look at this gem. Surprisingly it's a PC bang (internet cafe) not a brothel.