25 July 2010

I'm pine thanks, and you?

In Korean, there's no 'f' sound, so 'p' is usually used in it's place. As such, legions of Korean children declare to English teachers that they are pine. Gangneung city is now doing the same.


  1. It's true so many english signs in Korea are written down in hilarious konglish, but in this case I think you're mistaken. The korean in this picture, '솔향강릉', means 'Gangneung, the City of Pine Scent'. So 'Pine City' seems to mean exactly what it's meant for.

  2. Excuse me, isn't the sign talking about 'pine' as in the pine tree? '솔' means pine tree. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  3. There's so many Pronunciation that you can't say in Korean. Your saying also sound like ridiculous to us.